Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Screenshots? Whaddamahuh?

I realize I've been a bit quiet recently about the direction druids are taking on the PTR, barring a few posts in ThinkTank, it's still a bit hard to say what's going on, but my feelings aren't overly optimistic. However, my GL found this the other day, which may be of interest for those of us trying to figure out where we stand for the future. I'd point out that the test inherrently favours armour-heavy classes, so druid doing somewhat decently needs to be taken with a grain of salt, since that's supposed to the precisely the encounter we'd shine in.

Now, on to more pressing matters. I've been tagged.

Now, I've recently been playing around with my UI and most my screenshots are of just that, and I've decided to include a picture of that a bit further down, but the 6th picture requested turns out to be something quite different:

So that's Shamad standing on thin air. Techniqually I noticed you could just abuse the spear hanging over Dun Niffelem and by positioning the camera correctly get a pic in which the spear doesn't show at all. Sometimes it pays to fool around in the game, clearly.

And this is what my UI looks like at this time. Not too complicated, I'm still a bit iffy about the positioning of some elements of DBM as those are used only when needed. Also looking into prettying up the buttons on Bartdender, and maybe changing the look of my Pitbull bars. I recently also changed from using CT_viewport to Sunn Viewportart, just for the looks really. All in all, a very functional and clear UI, although I really do wish I could get the memory footprint down a bit.

This also brings back memories of when my gf was still playing(she played a druid), and as she had just gotten her bearform and was hanging out in Crossroads, there was another bear sitting at the entrance to the inn. Now, naturally I walked her bear over and sat myself next to the other, and called out into the notorious Barrens chat for another bear to come join us. I wonder how many people are aware that the entrance to Crossroads in is exactly the width of 3 bears sitting next to each other. Sadly, the screenshot has since been lost.

ps. I hope to get some time soon to go over some things to do with the coming major content patch and what you and your guild might want to consider doing, from a organisational standpoint, to prepare for Ulduar.

[Edit]A slight contribution that I stole off of my GL(hi rinku!)[/Edit]

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