Thursday, January 22, 2009

This just in

Seems Blizzard wasn't all too happy about guilds facerolling Sarth3D(we were 1shotting him weakly without breaking a sweat and so were many others), so they've made the encounter a good bit harder. You used to be able to avoid most giant breaths by removing the twilight torment debuff, but after the patch there's no way of removing it. This forces any guild wanting to do this to keep up a cooldown rotation on the MT. It also means the whole raid is taking a periodic dot whenever they hit anything. And it means that the healers are being taxed more even as they've just been hit by some pretty decent nerfs.

Don't worry too much though, 25man is still doable and I expect 10man to be as well. We added another healer and changed our tactic a bit and added some more cooldowns on MT, but in the end Sarth gave in after about 90 minutes of raiding.


Marino said...

We took Sarth3D down on Tuesday for the first time. Yesterday we spent 3 hours wiping.
Yes it indeed was harder. Keeping up the tanks was no problem. Our DK MT had his boneshield reduced and could not keep up that way, but after we had a Paladin helping him out in those cases he never went down again.
The only real problem we had was to keep up our paladin welp/blaze tank. (We also have a warrior to tank and collect those from all over the place).
When our pala managed to get the blazes she took so much damage she either went down or got so much healer attention that I went down (was tanking the Drakes). Not to normal damage but due to one or more breaths.
We had 7 healers and the HAT that was fixed nerfed our rogues dps. Did you have lower DPS too? Longer uptime of the drakes, thus more healing needed? You added a healer (from 6 to 7 or 7 to 8?), doesn't that gimp your DPS more?

Shamad said...

Our normal runs have been 4 tanks(feral/feral/paladin/warrior) and 7 healers(random distribution) and the rest dps. We're a bit heavy on melee dps which can be a problem in the fight, but luckily most of our melee are quite good at their jobs.

For last night we added an 8th healer and changed our killing order a bit. The member we removed was a rogue who was a bit undergeared, so the loss in dps wasn't massive. With bloodlust we manage to get Tenebron down a few seconds after shadron landed, then proceded to burn shadron instead of our old tactic of killing the whelps. We also set up a cooldown rotation on the maintank which we hadn't had to use previously. Once Shadron died we aoe'd down the whelps and then took the portals. Since the tactic was still being worked out we got a bit unlucky and our MT went down around the time Shadron died(a GS ran out just a few seconds before a breath :/), but our blaze tank was luckily free and picked up Sartharion quickly. Final kill was about as messy as the first one about a month ago, but I expect it will be a lot cleaner next time as we get used to the tactic.

We did have a bit of the same problems with keeping me(drake tank) up, although at no point did the blaze/whelp tanks die.

I'll post a WWS once I get a hold of one, a bit of confusion as we changed the guild name yesterday due to aesthetic reasons.

Marino said...

Hey I just got word form my paladin whelp/blaze tank. She says the whelps reduce her armor to that of a clothy. With 15 blazes she dies fast. How did you solve that?

Shamad said...

I assume you've got someone(rogue/hunter) assigned to take care of the enraged blazes? Normal blazes don't do much damage, so that shouldn't be an issue.

Anonymous said...

Hey dude, dont be mean and arrogant. Just because your guild is one-shotting him without problem, doesnt mean a lot of players are. I thought this may be a good druid blog but your attitude is arrogant and superior, and you "objective" views are confusing and illogical. You may find the content a joke, but I'm not impressed with how you write about it. Yes, I know you dont get paid for it, and no one asked me to read it etc etc. Just wanted to give you some feedback before signing off for good.