Monday, January 19, 2009

Nise Gusy

Sorry about the rather long hiatus. Ive not been dormant, if thats what you were thinking. Ive picked up a few more of the remaining best in slots(my armour now goes cleanly over the cap with the +25% armour bonus from spam healing), the guild has Sarth3D comfortably on farm and my personal group also has the 10man Sarth3D on farm. At this time weve just started working on Immortal, although the lag on Twisting Nether does hinder such attempts.

But what I really want to talk about, is alts. Yeah, I realize most guilds are still gearing up, perhaps not even through the whole raid content at this time. The top raid guilds however are allready deep into their alt-naxx. For us its the second week, and were looking to team up with OoR to fill the last spots incase people are unable to make the raid. Itll be my first week back raiding properly on my old old TBC main, a healing priest called Mchester. Since our GL went for Holy on his priest, Ive opted for Disc on mine. Its a bit of an shocker as I find myself doing quite the opposite to what conventional wisdom was. Im spamming flash much of the time, where as I barely had it bound in TBC. GHeal, the former backbone of my healing arsenal, is now my secondary single target bind. Im throwing around shields much more than I used to, and Ive got a few new tools(penance and pain suppression mainly) which Im still adapting to. PoM and Binding Heal are still important niché abilities.

Whats more important is Im getting a better view of healing in WotLK than what I was able to get as a tank. Being myself now a tank healer, I hope to be able to better gauge what I would like to see in a tank, and perhaps improve my own tanking further. Ill keep you posted on what I find.


Marino said...

Glad to see you posting again. Checked this blog every day (It is just open on my default firefox tabs).

I have a kind of different view towards alts then you (and probably most people do). Alts I have purely for one reason. To support my main character. On my druid I am trying to get achievements, lots of mounts, pets, rep, and the best of the best gear of course. Could not be bothered to do that on an alt. To be able to do that I need money (makes all a lot easier).

I have 3 alts and they only support my main. My druid had herbalism and enchanting in TBC. With help of alchemist guildies and maxed secondary skills (fishing, cooking) I could grind for mats needed in a raid and sell the surplus.

When WotLK came I dropped herbalism and went looking for a skill that is good for raiding. I found Inscription to be one and since it was new I wanted to try it. A bit disappointed about the change to not make a 7th glyph slot at 450 skill I am getting the best shoulder enchants without farming Sons of Hodir.

The only thing I had to do is level my herbalism/mining alt to 77 so I could fly around.
My other 2 alts, (JC/Alch and Skinning/Eng) are not that important though they make some money. They are comfortably waiting in Dalaran at level 70 and skill 450 till I need em (and once a day to do the JC daily).

My point being: I do not really understand why (druid) players invest that much time in playing an alt. I do understand that when you have a warlock you might want to go paladin and heal or something. I can also see that when there is a situation that there are lots of dps but not enough healers you log your healer and the raid has no problems. But the nice thing about druids, they can do all! Ranged DPS, melee DPS, tanking and healing. It is way more easy to raid and get the best tanking items while prio greeding melee dps items and greeding the occasional healing and balance gear.

I myself just greeded resto/balance gear people did not want while being a tank. Last week I specced balance and had 1700 spellpower gear with even some TBC rings/trinkets. Between then and now I got 3 better items... That is what I love about being druid. No need to invest in other classes and as soon as you are bored in your role, just pick up an other. The gear is easy to gain.

Marino said...

Sorry for the maybe offtopic wall'o'text. Though I don't really know what your topic was ;)

Shamad said...

I've actually got a full epic resto set on my druids as well ;) All enchanted and ready to go. Problem with being one of the most active tanks in the guild is that I'm pretty much assured a raidspot every night as a tank, sometimes even required to be present. I've had a full resto set for well over a month and not once have I felt I could comfortably respec to heal. Just don't really have that freedom as a tank.

And yet, on the other hand I love healing. And more so I love shaman healing, and I love priest healing. They are just great fun to heal with. So as I have less and less to do outside of raids on my druid, it just seemed easier to level my priest and heal on him instead. My tank is still ready to go when the guild needs me, and in my downtime, I get to raid on my alt :)